Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vern & Lettuce Bookplate Edition - Exclusive to Gosh!

If you’ve not come across the work of Sarah McIntyre yet you’re in for a treat. From the same publishing house as the incredible Mezolith (another of our Gosh! Bookplate Editions) comes McIntyre’s Vern & Lettuce, a comic strip that originally ran in the highly lauded though now sadly defunct DFC.

It stars a sheep and a rabbit who live in a tower block in a neighbourhood in south London. While Lettuce the rabbit is watching a talent-spotting show on telly, she suddenly decides she wants to be famous, and scoots her best friend Vern off to the big city, despite his protestations that they need to work on getting a talent first. They are both hugely inept at doing most things, but while reading, you hope that the strength of their friendship will help them survive in dark and dangerous places.
--- Sarah McIntyre, in coversation with Philip Reeve at the Solitary Bee.

There’s a full page of Vern and Lettuce’s furry escapades still available online at the Guardian where it ran for 12 weeks. With its soft colours and round-faced characters it feels nostalgic and English in a brilliant after-school-telly sort of way.

Have a nosey about on Sarah’s blog where where she posts new drawings pretty much every single day straight from the Fleece Station in South London, the studio she shares with fellow DFC-er Gary Northfield (Derek the Sheep), Ellen Linder (Undertow, Whores of Mensa), and Lauren O’Farrell (of Stitch London). I’m convinced she’s ordering big boxes of time off Amazon; I have no idea how she manages to churn out so much amazing stuff.

The Gosh! Exclusive Vern & Lettuce Bookplate Edition is limited to 200 copies, featuring a signed and numbered plate with all new art by for not a penny more than the standard cover price of £9.99.

If you'd like to reserve one or arrange a mail order, drop us a line at


Rizky Agung said...

Nice Comic :)

Edna's Place said...

Really enjoying my copy! Thank you for offering, and your help in getting this special edition. Beautiful book, and very well packaged.