Friday, April 2, 2010

Mezolith Bookplate Edition - Exclusive to Gosh!

Hot on the heels of our Phonogram Bookplate Edition, we’re pleased as punch to have Ben Haggarty and Adam Brockbank work with us to produce a Bookplate Edition of their excellent new book, Mezolith.

Originally serialised in the sadly defunct DFC, a weekly, subscription-only title that produced a wealth of great, kid-friendly material in all-too short a time, the title is among the first wave of titles in the newly launched DFC Library line (alongside Dave Shelton’s Good Dog, Bad Dog and Kate Brown’s Spider Moon).

At its heart, Mezolith is about stories; no surprise given that Haggarty is a professional storyteller by trade. Through the eyes of Poika, a boy of the cusp of manhood, we see the harsh life of the Kansa, a Mezolithic tribe who reside on the Western shores of the North Sea Basin, and hear the folk tales and myths that shape their understanding of the world.

Haggarty’s work is matched superbly by the lush realism of artist Brockbank, showcased in the album-sized format of the book. Brockbank, a production designer on, among many other things, the Harry Potter films, does an amazing job of not only conveying the hardships of Poika and his tribe, but also the fantastic, mythical aspects of the story. From black-eyed swan maidens, to ravening demonic babies, Brockbank creates a seamless visual world where the transition from eerie folk tale to brutal reality feels completely natural.

The Gosh-exclusive Mezolith Bookplate Edition is limited to 200 copies, featuring a numbered illustrative plate signed by the writer and the artist. At the standard retail price of £9.99, this is a wonderful opportunity to see two master storytellers at work. If you'd like to reserve one or arrange a mail order, drop us a line at