Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cages TP Bookplate Edition - Exclusive to Gosh!

After years of publishing limbo, Dave McKean’s magnum opus Cages has finally returned.

McKean is best known for his numerous collaborations with Neil Gaiman: Violent Cases, Signal to Noise, Mr Punch, several children’s books and, of course, the iconic covers for the phenomenally popular Sandman series. In Cages McKean is both writer and artist, constructing an entire universe in 500 pages. It is an incredibly rich story about life, death, art, religion, philosophy, birds, a black cat, and the cages we build for ourselves. It has won several awards and broken even more bookshelves.

"Cages has all the qualities of a real universe - sprawling yet contained, chaotic yet organised, mysterious yet discernible, comedic yet serious. Assuming you have a re-enforced bookshelf, $50 [old edition! - Ed.] doesn't seem too much to ask for both a universe and a work of art.”

"One of the most important works of comic art in the last decade."
-- The Comics Journal

-- Terry Gilliam

The ten-issue tale first appeared in late 1990, published by the ambitious Tundra whose exceedingly high production values meant that the enterprise never became a profitable one – as sales rose, so did losses, and the whole thing collapsed a few years later. It found its next home in Kitchen Sink Press who picked up the reigns for the last three issues. The massive tome was released a couple of times by two different parties (in 1998 and 2002), making it available again for a brief moment before the print run would sell out and the book would eventually go for incredible amounts on eBay. Too many books have a similar history.

This week Dark Horse release the first affordable softcover edition of the behemoth and you can thank your lucky stars you won’t be carrying home the 2002 hardcover (getting that home on the bus was a mighty feat and no mistake). Fully remastered and redesigned, it even boasts an all-new cover by McKean.

The Exclusive Gosh! Bookplate Edition features art created just for us, signed and numbered by the man himself for no more than the £22.50 cover price. There’s only 200 of them around so you’d best get in quick. Given how long it’s been out of town it’s due an enthusiastic welcome home.

If you'd like to reserve one or arrange a mail order, drop us a line at info@goshlondon.com.


Keebs said...

Please advise and Dave McKean available still?

Jim Keyerleber

Keebs said...

Do you still have any Dave McKean left for sale?