Friday, December 4, 2009

Duncan Fegredo Art Exhibit - One Week to Go!

Just a quick reminder that we currently have a lovely display of Duncan Fegredo artwork on our walls in the upstairs area for one more week only. All the pages are available for purchase, some coming with additional pencils and layouts. In addition, we've actually acquired another six pages of art, all of which are also for sale.

Feast your eyes on these!

(Click for a bigger image)

Hellboy The Wild Hunt #5

Page 7. £350 (includes pencils)

Hellboy The Wild Hunt #6

Page 3. £275 (includes pencils)

Page 6. £190

Hellboy The Wild Hunt #8

Page 1. SOLD

Page 2. £300

Page 3. £350

Aren't they beautiful? If there’s a particular page you’re after that you can’t see here or in our previous post, we don’t have it. However, there is hope: everything before #5 is with art dealer Mark Hay and everything after that is at home with Fegredo himself (who would like to hold on to some of it). If you’d like to enquire about a specific page we can always send him your details and see what he says. Come in and have a look, while there's still time!


Dom said...

Hello Gosh!

Your link to Mark Hay's site is broken.

Gosh! said...

It ain't broken now! Thanks Dom.