Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Original Duncan Fegredo Art at Gosh!

Over the weekend our wall of glorious Golden and Silver Age comics came down to make way for 17 stunning pages of original Duncan Fegredo artwork. All pages are from the recent Hellboy: The Wild Hunt series issues #5, 6 and 7 – and they’re for sale!

Here’s what we’ve got: (Click for a bigger image)

Hellboy The Wild Hunt #5

Page 2. £190 (includes pencils)

Page 4. £220. SOLD.

Page 6. £375 (includes pencils)

Page 12. £375 (includes pencils)

Page 14. £285 (includes pencils) SOLD.

Hellboy The Wild Hunt #6

Page 4. £250 (includes pencils)

Page 8. £325

Page 9. £325

Page 12. £325

Page 14. £375 (includes pencils) SOLD.

Page 15. £375 SOLD.

Page 16. £475 (includes pencils) SOLD.

Page 17. £450 SOLD.

Page 18. £350

Hellboy The Wild Hunt #7

Page 9. £325

Page 10. £375 SOLD.

Page 11. £475

If there’s a particular page you’re after that you can’t see here we don’t have it. However, there is hope: according to Fegredo, everything before #5 is with art dealer Mark Hay and everything after that is at home with Fegredo himself (who would like to hold on to some of it). If you’d like to enquire about a specific page we can always send him your details and see what he says. Come in and have a look!


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Hurk said...

Them there pages are SO NICE.