Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Store 18/09/09 - 24/09/09

Click the full post link below for a list of items in store this week.

2000 Ad Prog #1654
3 Story: The Secret History Of The Giant Man HC
Anita Blake LC Necromancer #5 (Of 5)
Back Issue #36
DC Library Batman: A Death In The Family HC
Detective Comics #857 (G. Rucka)
Bart Simpson's Treehouse Of Horror #15
Billy Batson And The Magic Of Shazam #8
Blackest Night Superman #2 (Of 3)
Buck Rogers #4
Cavewoman Cover Gallery #2
Cavewoman Red Menace One-Shot
Chronicles Of Arthur GN Vol 1 Sword Of Fire & Ice
Chronicles Of Conan TP Vol 18
Conan The Cimmerian #14
Dark Reign Made Men One-Shot(F. Tieri)
Darkness Accursed TP Vol 2
Darkness/Pitt #2 (Of 3)
Dungeon The Early Years GN Vol 2(Lewis Trondheim)
Enders Shadow Command School #1 (Of 5)
Epic Chronicles Of Hagar The Horrible 1973-74 HC
Fantastic Force #4 (Of 4)
Fantastic Four Prem HC Masters Of Doom
Farscape Gone & Back #3
Final Crisis Aftermath Dance #5 (Of 6)
Flash Chronicles TP Vol 1
GI Joe #9
GI Joe Origins #7
Golden Age Marvel Comics Omnibus HC Vol 1
Goon TP Vol 9 Calamity Of Conscience (E. Powell)
Hatter M The Looking Glass Wars HC & TP Vol 2
Hellblazer #259 (P. Milligan)
Immortal Weapons #3 (Of 5)
Incredible Hercules #135
Incredible Hercules Prem HC Dark Reign
Incredible Hulk #602
Indiana Jones & The Tomb Of The Gods TP Vol 1
Indiana Jones: The Further Adventures Omnibus TP Vol 2
Invincible #66
Marvel Masterworks Invincible Iron Man HC Vol 6
Justice League Of America #37
Juxtapoz Vol 16 #10 Oct 2009
Killapalooza #5 (Of 6)
Labor Days GN Vol 2 Just Another Damn Day
Madame Xanadu #15
Madman Atomic Comics #17(Mike Allred) (Last issue!)
Marvel Adventures Thor And Avengers TP
Marvel Apes TP Evolution Starts Here
Marvel Comics In The 1960s SC
Marvel Zombies Return #4
Modesty Blaise TP Vol 16 The Scarlet Maiden
Mouse Guard HC Vol 2 Winter 1152
Ms Marvel #45
No Hero #7 (Of 7)
Nova #29
Power Girl #5
Project Superpowers Chapter Two #3
Rupert: A Collection Of Favourite Short Stories HC
Salt Water Taffy GN Vol 3 Truth About Dr. True
Savage She-Hulk TP
Amazing Spider-Man #606
Spider-Man Noir TP
Spider-Woman #1(B. Bendis/A. Maleev)
Spirit TP Vol 2 (D. Cooke/K. Baker/E. Risso et al)
Will Eisner's The Spirit: New Adventures Archive HC Vol 1
Star Trek Spock Reflections #3
Street Fighter TP Vol 1 New Ed
Stuffed GN
Sulk GN Vol 3 Kind Of Strength Comes From Madness(Jeffrey Brown)
Super Friends #19
Supergirl #45
Superman Batman #64
Superman Secret Origin #1 (Of 6)(Geoff Johns)
Tank Girl Odyssey Remastered Ed TP
Things Undone GN
Thor By Jurgens And Romita Jr TP Vol 1
Time Tunnel Complete Series SC
Umbrella Academy HC Vol 2 Dallas Deluxe Limited Edition
Underground #1 (Of 4)(J. Parker/S. Lieber)
Unthinkable #5 (Of 5)
Vigilante #10
Wasteland #26
Wasteland Apocalyptic Ed HC Vol 1
Web #1
Wednesday Comics #12 (Of 12)(Last one!)
Wildcats #15
Wolverine First Class #19
Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan One-Shot (M. Millar)
Wonder Woman Amazons Attack SC
Wonder Woman The Circle TP
Astonishing X-Men By Whedon & Cassaday Omnibus HC
Dark Reign List X-Men One-Shot
Dark X-Men Confession One-Shot DAX
Deadpool Prem HC Vol 2 Dark Reign
X-Men Origins HC
Zero Killer #5 (Of 6)
Zorro #16


Big Adventures Of Majoko GN Vol 2 (Of 5)
Domo GN
Eden TP Vol 12
NGE Shinji Ikari Raising Project TP Vol 2