Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Feast for your eyes! Exclusive to Gosh!

Following our recent acquisition of art books Fleet Street Scandal’ &‘Bookplate Betties, UK exclusives both, GOSH! is proud to present two new beautiful bookplate editions.

London-born, but Barbados-based, Illustrator/designer Barnaby Ward’s first book Sixteen Miles to Merricks features a 110 page graphic novel, plus three short stories and a large selection of Barnaby’s illustration work.

Chock-full of willowy young women in surreal scenarios and dream-like landscapes, Sixteen Miles to Merricks reveals Ward as a rare talent.

Combining European and Japanese influences, Barnaby’s work will have great appeal for fans of Egon Schiele, James Jean, Moebius and Taiyo Matsumoto (Tekkon Kinkreet).

I thoroughly recommend you view this online preview.

As a generous gesture, Barnaby has kindly supplied GOSH! with a signed bookplate, limited to 50 copies.

Some of the wonderful words of praise ‘Merricks’ has merited:

"Beautiful drawings, beautiful women, I couldn't stop turning the pages."
- Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL)

"Barnaby Ward mixes the class and glamour of european illustration, with the flair and originality of Japanese manga to create wonderfully compelling and stunning pieces of art!"
- Ashley Wood (Popbot, Metal Gear Solid)

"Barnaby Ward has the design sense and color palette that I would kill for, and If I ever meet him in person I'll probably do just that."
-Dave Johnson (100 Bullets, Batman)

Secondly, but not leastly, GOSH! presents Cream & Sugar, the first collection from U.S. animation designer and all-round illustration wünderkind Justin Coffee; features saucy pin-ups in the tradition of the great pin-up artists of early Playboy magazine such as Erich Sokol, Eldon Dedini and Edmond Kirazian.

Justin’s work should also prove popular with admirers of more recent delinators of the female form Bill Presing and Shane Glines.
Justin has also provided GOSH! with this beautiful initialed bookplate, exclusive to GOSH! and limited to 50 copies.