Saturday, July 5, 2008

Laika bookplates - exclusive to Gosh!

Here’s a reminder of our latest Gosh exclusive: the signed, limited, bookplated edition of Nick Abadzis’ epic graphic novel Laika!

Laika was released last year by First Second books to critical and public acclaim, and was nominated for two Eisner awards. It tells the story of the eponymous puppy who rose from a sorry existence on the streets of Moscow to become Russia’s first space traveller. Abadzis weaves Laika’s story around the lives of the people who rescued, trained and ultimately doomed the stray dog with a focus on realism and accuracy, to truly moving effect. If you’ve never read the book, this is the perfect occasion to pick up a copy, sporting as it does the beautiful bookplate seen to the left, signed and numbered by Nick Abadzis himself.

The signed, plated book retails at £10.99 and is in-store now, available only from Gosh!