Sunday, February 6, 2011

25th Anniversary Sale at Gosh!

While the rest of the world is buying tacky lovehearts and watching terrible romantic comedies, we Goshers will be collectively blowing out twenty-five candles. That’s right, the 14th of February 2011 marks twenty-five years of selling comics from this little shop on Great Russell Street, and I’ll bet there are some of you who’ve been coming here to spend your pocket money since Day One. Don your party hat and drape yourself in streamers because we’re having a whacking great sale to celebrate!

You can grab a massive 25% discount on all books in the shop (not counting new comics) on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th, and from the 12th to Friday the 25th any backissue in the backissue bins downstairs will be a ridiculously low 25p (thematically priced!).

Now’s the time to buy that hardcover you’ve been eyeing, or to fill in the gaps in your backissue collection, or to buy what you’d probably buy anyway and have a chunk of change left over.

It starts this Saturday, and you don’t even have to sing us Happy Birthday while we’re toting up your swag.


David Ziggy Greene said...

Big congratulations.
A little catch up....
My Angouleme festival report is here -

and also my book, Swimming With Shoes On, is nominated for the Eagle Awards in
Favourite British Comicbook: Black and White
Favourite 2010 Reprint Compilation
Favourite 2010 Cover

If anyone out there has read or seen my book, feel free to vote for it.
Will be greatly appreciated. (I've never won anything before!)


"I was especially impressed with the art." -Peter Bagge
"Great things coming from this lad — great things!"-Gabby Schulz
"A really nice sensibility with the cartooning"-Thomas Herpich

Steve T said...

Happy Birthday, Gosh! I first came to your shop 25 years ago and between you and me it's the best comic ship in the country. Certainly the coolest anyway.

Rob McDougall said...

I limited myself to an utterance rather than a song. Happy 25th guys, you've been around just a little longer than I have - 1986 was a good year! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy 25th!

I did shop at Gosh! in those faraway early times. But I lived in the north of France, then. Going to London was easier.

Still a pleasure to visit whenever I'm back...

Here's to 25 more!