Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jill Thompson Signing at Gosh!

For the first time since 1993 the Scary Godmother herself is coming to London! We're thrilled to host a signing by the one and only Jill Thompson, just in time for the spooky season. Not only that, but attendees will be in with a chance to win an amazing piece of art produced by Jill for the event!

From Sandman to The Invisibles, Swamp Thing to Wonder Woman – Jill's done 'em all. A professional artist from the age of fifteen, Jill has become one of the industry’s best loved stars. As one of the key artists on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, she created the immensely popular and incredibly cute Li'l Death and Li'l Morpheus toddlers who then went on to have a book of their very own: The Little Endless Storybook. She then toyed with Death again in Death: At Death's Door, which proved to be one of DC's biggest sellers of the year. In recent times Jill has won multiple awards for her popular short stories in the Dark Horse Book Of series, collaborating with writer Evan Dorkin, and of course, throughout the last 10 years Jill has worked on and off on what has proven to be her signature character: the one and only Scary Godmother!

Jill’s latest offering is Magic Trixie, the whimsical and slightly macabre tale currently casting its spell across the magical world of children's books. It tells the story of Magic Trixie, the novice sorceress trying to wow her monstrously cute friends and family with scary spells. She's smart. She's sassy. So why won't anyone take her seriously? Magic Trixie is only the first part of a planned series of four novels featuring the character, all written and illustrated by the astonishingly talented Jill Thompson and we can't wait for the rest!

"Jill's funny. She's an amazing artist, a gifted comedian, and she really is the Scary Godmother."
– Neil Gaiman

Jill will be scribbling her name and drawing li'l pictures in Gosh's cosy basement from 2pm – 4pm on Saturday the 25th of October. Everyone at the signing will be given a raffle ticket and will go into the draw to win this haunting piece of original Magic Trixie art created by Jill especially for the event! It really is a stunning bit of work you won’t want to miss.

Witches bring your broomsticks!


tot said...

Hi Jill, i want to say "Congratulations, you have been signed at Gosh Comics Place, and i am very grateful for you".

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for getting Jill in for today's signing. I didn't even know your shop existed before I read about the signing, so now I've met Jill (who was lovely!) and have a great new place to look for comics, too. :o)