Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Store 16/06/11 - 22/06/11

Click the full post link below for a list of items in store this week.

Archie Babies GN
B & V Friends Double Digest #215
Jugheads Double Digest #171
Agonizing Love: The Golden Era Of Romance Comics SC
All Nighter #1 (Of 5) (David Hahn)
Art Of Doug Sneyd HC
Avengers Vs Pet Avengers TP
Secret Avengers #14Fear Itself
Secret Avengers Prem HC Vol 2 Eyes Of Dragon (Ed Brubaker)
Ultimate Avengers Vs New Ultimates #5
Awful/Resilient: The Art Of Alex Pardee HC
Batman And The Outsiders #40
Batman Gates Of Gotham #2 (Of 5)
Batman Red Hood The Lost Days TP
Black Panther Man Without Fear #520
Black Widow TP Name Of Rose
Brightest Day Aftermath The Search #1 (Of 3)
Captain America #619
Captain Easy: Soldier Of Fortune HC Vol 2 1936 - 1937
Carnage #5 (Of 5)
Cars 2 #1 (Of 2)
Disney Pixar Presents Cars 2
Chester 5000 HC (Jess Fink)
Cinefex #126 May 2011
Conan Road Of Kings #6 (Of 6)
Creepy Comics TP Vol 1
Dark Horse Presents #2 (N. Adams/H. Chaykin/P. Chadwick et al)
Darkness Origins TP Vol 3
DMZ #66 (B. Wood)
Dr Strange HC Into Dark Dimension (Paul Smith)
Dracula Company Of Monsters #11
Echo TP Vol 6 Last Day (T. Moore)
Fables #106
Fantastic Four Last Stand One-Shot
First Wave HC (Brian Azzarello)
Flashpoint Kid Flash Lost #1 (Of 3)
Flashpoint Lois Lane & Resistance #1 (Of 3)
Flashpoint The Outsider #1 (Of 3)(James Robinson)
Flashpoint The Reverse Flash #1
Gingerbread Girl GN (P. Tobin)
Girl Genius TP Vol 10 Agatha H & Guardian Muse
Green Arrow #13
Guild Bladezz One-Shot (F. Day)
Hellboy Library Edition HC Vol 4 Crooked Man (M. Mignola)
Hounds Of Hell GN
Impossible Man TP
Incredible Hulks #631
Infestation Outbreak #1 (Of 4)
Iron Man 2.0 #6 Fear Itself
Janet Evanovich Troublemaker TP
Justice League Of America #58
Juxtapoz #126
Kane And Lynch TP (Ian Edginton)
Last Phantom #7
Marvel Zombie Christmas Carol #2 (Of 5)
McSweeney’s Books
- Animals Of The Ocean HC
- Cold Fusion HC
- Everything That Rises SC
- Giraffes? Giraffes! HC
- McSweeney’s #37 HC
- Poets Picking Poets SC
- Read Hard SC
- Secret Language Of Sleep HC
Metal Hurlant Collection HC Vol 1(G. Johns/R. Sook et al)
Mighty Thor #3 (Fraction/Coipel)
Miss Fury HC (T. Mills)
Mission #5
Mystery Men #2 (Of 5)
Namor First Mutant #11
Next Men #7 (John Byrne)
Next Men HC Vol 1
Power Girl Bomb Squad TP
Rage #1 (Of 3)
Red Sonja: Revenge Of The Gods #4 (Of 5)
Roy Rogers Collected Newspaper Dailies & Sundays HC
Runaways TP Vols 5 & 6 New Ptgs
Vertigo Resurrected (Mike Carey)Sandman Presents Petrefax
Scary Godmother Comic Book Stories TP (J. Thompson)
Sigil #4 (Of 4)
Bart Simpson Comics #60
Silver Surfer #5 (Of 5)
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Prem HC Death Prelude
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160
Spirit #15
Stan Lee's The Traveler #8
Star Wars Jedi Dark Side #2
Suicide Girls #3 (Of 4)
Action Comics #902
Superman #712
Terminator TP 2029 To 1984
The Lengths #2 Pay As You Go
Thunderbolts #159
Transformers 3 Movie Adaptation #3 (Of 4)
Vampirella #7
Walking Dead Weekly #25
Deadpool #39
Mystique By Sean Mckeever Ultimate Collection SC
New Mutants #26
NYX TP Vol 1 Wannabe TP New Ptg
Wolverine #11 (Jason Aaron)
X-Factor TP Vol 11 Happenings In Vegas
X-Men Legacy #251
X-Men Second Coming TP


20th Century Boys Vol 15 (Naoki Urasawa )
Avatar Last Airbender TP Vol 1 Lost Adventures
Negima Omnibus GN Vol 1
Phoenix Wright GN Vol 1