Sunday, April 17, 2011

2000AD Signing for Free Comic Book Day!




What do these three dashing fellows have in common, besides being some of the most talented writers working in British comics today? Why, they’re all coming to sign here at Gosh Comics on Free Comic Book Day!

Yep, in association with the cuddly tykes of 2000AD, all three of these esteemed gentlemen will be taking their places in our stylish basement at 39 Great Russell St, WC1B 3NZ on Saturday 7th May from 1pm – 2.30pm. Come down and say hi, and get some writing advice from three gentlemen who have been instrumental in the restoration of the UK’s venerable science fiction magazine to its former creative glories.

DAN ABNETT! Along with creating numerous memorable 2000AD series such as Atavar, Kingdom and of course Sinister Dexter, Dan’s also responsible for a slew of Warhammer-related comics and novels (we’re talking best-selling fan-favourites here). Not to mention, of course, masterminding (along with frequent collaborator Andy Lanning) Marvel’s cosmic titles starting back at the excellent Annihilation and now continuing with new series Annihilators. Oh, and of course a series of original science fiction novels coming out from Angry Robot. Come see him, before I hog all of his time grilling him on how I can actually develop some kind of writing work ethic.

AL EWING! One of the newest generation of 2000AD writers, and certainly one of the best at capturing the mad, anything-goes energy of the magazine’s early days. With creations such as Damnation Station and the wonderfully demented Zombo, Al has quickly established himself as a fan favourite. He’s now one of the regular writers on Judge Dredd, has a stint on Garth Ennis’s Jennifer Blood coming soon and somehow also finds the time to write novels for the Abaddon Books line.

ROBBIE MORRISON! For nearly two decades now Robbie has been one of the most consistently reliable writers in the 2000AD stable. From the ground-breaking Shimura (featuring some of the earliest professional work of Frank Quitely), through the mind-bending Shakara, to perennial favourite Nikolai Dante, he’s created a slew of memorable characters that stand alongside those that have always defined the Galaxy’s Greatest Mag. On top of that, of course, are his stints working on titles for Marvel & DC, including the recent Deus Ex tie-in, and did we mention he's worked as an advisor on comics for the Scottish Arts Council?

So, if you think you can stand that much thrill-power in one room, then come on down! Saturday 7th May, 1pm – 2.30pm. Gosh Comics, 39 Great Russell St, WC1B 3NZ.

Oh, and did I mention FREE COMIC BOOK DAY? As if you needed any more incentive to come down, we’ll have free comics for you! As a part of the annual celebration of our beloved medium, we’ll be carrying a range of the free titles offered by publishers this year, including books from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly, Top Shelf, and many more, including of course our friends at 2000AD!

Free comics. Lovely talented comics writers. Our usual range of the best comic book goodness money can buy. What more reason do you need? Get that sucker in the diary and I’ll see you all there!