Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Store 24/03/11 - 30/03/11

Click the full post link below for a list of items in store this week.

Archie Double Digest #217
2000 AD #1727
Judge Dredd Megazine #309
21 Story Of Roberto Clemente HC
5 Ronin #5 (Of 5) (Peter Milligan)
After Dark #3 (Of 3) (Peter Milligan)
Alter Ego #100 Centennial
American Vampire #13
Avengers #11 (B. Bendis)
Secret Avengers #11
Batman & Robin Batman Reborn TP(G. Morrison/F. Quitely)
Detective Comics #875 (S. Snyder)
Best Of Dick Tracy TP Vol 1
Black Panther Man Without Fear #516
Bloom County Complete Library HC Vol 4
Bronx Kill TP (Peter Milligan)
Buck Rogers In 25th Century Dailies HC Vol 5
Caligula #1 (Of 6) (David Lapham)
Captain America #616 (E. Brubaker/H. Chaykin/P. Grist Et Al)
Captain America And Secret Avengers One-Shot
Captain America Comics #1 70th Anniversary Special (J. Kirby)
Captain America Man Out Of Time #5 (Of 5) (Mark Waid)
Captain America TP Legacy Of Captain America (Simon/Kirby/Lee/Brubaker)
Chimo GN (David Collier)
Comics Complete Collection HC
Complete Peanuts HC Vol 15 1979-1980
Daredevil Reborn #3 (Of 4) (Diggle)
Dodgem Logic #8 (A. Moore/R. Ince/M. Moorcock Et Al)
Echo #29 (Terry Moore)
Famous Monsters Of Filmland #255
Fantastic Four By Jonathan Hickman TP Vol 3
Godzilla Kingdom Of Monsters #1(Eric Powell/Phil Hester)
Gotham City Sirens #21
Green Arrow #10
Green Hornet Year One #9
Hawkeye And Mockingbird Black Widow TP
Heavy Metal May 2011
Heralds TP
Howard Chaykin Conversations HC
Incognito Bad Influences #5 (Of 5)(Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips)
Incredible Hulk TP Vol 3 World War Hulks
Incredible Hulks #625
Independently Animated: Bill Plympton HC
Ivan Brunetti Cartooning SC
Jack Of Fables #50 (Last Issue)
James Bond Omnibus TP Vol 2
Jimmy Olsen One-Shot (N. Spencer)
JLA The 99 #6 (Of 6)
Justice Society Of America #49
Kate & William: A Very Public Love Story TP
Kick-Ass 2 #2 (Millar/Romita Jr)
Kid Kos GN Vol 1 Agents Of Doom
Marvel Previews April 2011
Nobrow #5
Osborn #4 (Of 5)
Previews #271 April 2011
Punisher In The Blood #5 (Of 5)(R. Remender/R. Boschi)
Punisher: Welcome Back Frank TP New Ed (Ennis/Dillon)
R.I.P. HC Best Of 1985-2004 (Thomas Ott)
Scalped #47 (Jason Aaron)
Scarlet #5 (B M Bendis/A Maleev)
Sherlock Holmes Year One #3
Spider-Girl #5
Amazing Spider-Man #657
Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine #5 (Of 6) (J. Aaron/A. Kubert)
Spider-Man You're Hired One-Shot
Stand No Man’s Land #3 (Of 5)
Strange Science Fantasy TP Vol 1 (Scott Morse)
Strange Tales II HC (J. Brown/K. Huizenga/J. Lemire/D. Shaw Et Al)
Suicide Forest #4 (Of 4)
Super Hero Squad TP Super Hero Safari
Action Comics #899
Superman The Black Ring HC(Paul Cornell)
Tank Girl Bad Wind Rising #3 (Of 4)
Teen Titans #93
Thor #621 (Matt Fraction)
Titmouse HC (Dave Johnson/Dave Cooper et al)
Transformers Prime TP Vol 1
True Blood Tainted Love #2
Ultimate Comics X #4
Vanguard Frazetta Classics HCs
- Vol 1: Johnny Coment
- Vol 2: White Indian
Wonder Woman #609
World Of Warcraft TP Vol 3
X-9 Secret Agent Corrigan HC Vol 2
Cyclops One-Shot (Dean Haspiel)
Deadpool Corps #12
Deadpool Team-Up #883
Wolverine #7
X-23 #8 (Daken X-Over)
X-Men First Class TP Vol 2
X-Men Forever 2 TP Vol 3 Perfect S'world
Zatanna #11


Tenken GN