Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Store 17/02/11 - 23/02/11

Click the full post link below for a list of items in store this week.

Archie & Friends Double Digest #3
Archie Double Digest #216
Life With Archie Married Life #8
2000 AD #1723
Judge Dredd Megazine #308
An Elegy For Amelia Johnson HC
Angel Illyria #4 (Of 4)
Annihilators #1 (Of 4) (D. Abnett/A. Lanning)
Avengers Academy #10
Avengers/Thor/Captain America Official Index To The Marvel Universe #11
Axe Cop Bad Guy Earth #1 (Of 3)
Azrael #18
Batman Beyond #3
Batman Beyond Hush Beyond TP
Batman Confidential #54
Batman Streets Of Gotham #20
Batman: Time And The Batman HC(G. Morrison/F. Quitely/A. Kubert Et Al)
Billy Batson & The Magic Of Shazam! Mr. Mind Over Matter TP
Boys #52 (Garth Ennis)
Brightest Day #21
Bring The Thunder #3
Captain America And Falcon One-Shot
Ultimate Comics Captain America #3 (Of 4) (J. Aaron/R. Garney)
Captain Britain Vol 5 Endgame TP (A. Moore/J. Delano/A. Davis)
Carbon Grey #1 (Khari Evans)
Cavewoman Hunt #2
Chew #17
Clint #6 (Millar/Ross/Ennis et al)
Daomu #2
Dark Tower Treachery TP
DC Universe Online Legends #3
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? #20 (Of 24)
Drew Friedman’s Sideshow Freaks HC
Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms TP
Fall Of The Wolfmen GN
Fallen Heroes #1 (B. Nugent et al)
First Wave #6 (Of 6) (B. Azzarello)
Giant Size Atom One-Shot(Jeff Lemire)
Green Lantern #63
Hellblazer TP Vol 1 Original Sins New Ptg (Jamie Delano)
Herculian One-Shot (Erik Larsen)
Heroes For Hire #4
House Of Mystery #35
If N’ Oof (Brian Chippendale)
Incognito Bad Influences #4 (E. Brubaker/S. Phillips)
Incredible Hulks TP Dark Son Enigma Force
Intrepids #1
Irredeemable #23
Joe The Barbarian #8 (Of 8) (G. Morrison/S. Murphy)
John Carter Of Mars Warlord Of Mars TP
Jonah Hex #65
Lenore Volume II #2
Lewis & Clark GN (N. Bertozzi)
Little Lulu Giant Size TP Vol 3
Locke & Key: Keys To The Kingdom #5 (Of 6)
Mad Magazine #508
Marvel Previews March 2011
Marvel Zombies Supreme #1 (Of 5)
Next Men #4 (John Byrne )
Pacesetter: George Perez Magazine #11
Popeye HC Vol 1 Best Comic Stories By Bud Sagendorf
Powers #7 (Bendis/Oeming)
Previews #270 March 2011
Reed Crandall Reader TP
Secret Six #31
Secret Warriors #25
Smurfs GN Vol 5 The Smurfs And The Egg
Spider-Man Grim Hunt TP
Stand No Mans Land #2 (Of 5)
Star Wars Old Republic TP Vol 1 Blood Of The Empire
DC Comics Presents: Superman/Doomsday #1
SuperPatriot: America's Fighting Force TP (R. Kirkman/C. Walker)
Sweet Tooth #19 (Jeff Lemire)
Takio HC (B. Bendis/M. Oeming)
Thanos Imperative HC
Astonishing Thor #3 (Of 5)
Marvel Masterworks Mighty Thor TP Vol 2
Thor First Thunder TP
Thor Spotlight One-Shot
Thor Tales Of Asgard TP(Stan Lee/Jack Kirby)
Thunderbolts #154
Tick New Series #8
Usagi Yojimbo #135
Vampire Tales TP Vol 2
Vampirella Masters Series TP Vol 3 Mark Millar
Venom By Daniel Way Ultimate Collection TP
Walking Dead Weekly #9
Walking Shadows HC (N. Bousfield)
WildC.A.T.S. Version 3.0 Year Two TP (Joe Casey)
Witchfinder Lost & Gone Forever #2 (Of 5) (J Arcudi/J Severin)
Daken Dark Wolverine #6
Deadpool #32.1 (D. Way)
Wolverine Best There Is #4
Wolverine Hercules Myths Monsters & Mutants #1 (Of 4) (F. Tieri)
Wolverine: Wolverine Goes To Hell HC (Jason Aaron)
X-Factor #216
X-Men First Class TP Vol 1
X-Men Forever 2 TP Vol 2 Scream A Little Scream

20th Century Boys GN Vol 13(Naoki Urasawa)
Chi Sweet Home GN Vol 5
Pokemon Adventures Platinum Vol 1
Soul Eater TP Vol 5