Sunday, January 23, 2011

Win original Dan McDaid art at Gosh!

Not this week, but next week, sees the release of the 2011 Superman 80-Page Giant: a thickish wodge of stories – seven if we’re counting – by the comics industry’s up-and-comers. Among the likes of Joe Caramagna, Steve Horton, Abhay Khosla, Neil Kleid, Aubrey Sitterson, Beau Tidwll, Eddy Barrows, Cafu and more, you’ll find Gosh! Favourite Dan McDaid (Jersey Gods) illustrating a Bizarro story. As usual his art is top notch, and definitely gets the thumbs up from us as we peak over his shoulder by way of his blog.

Being an all round good egg, McDaid has provided us with a cracking original piece of Superman/Bizarro art which eagled-eyed Goshers will notice is a play on Frank Quitely’s iconic cover image from All Star Superman #1. Here ‘tis:

(NB: The colour version exists only in the mind of a computer somewhere, so the piece you’ll be winning is the original black and white image)

Pretty excellent, no? Anyone who pre-orders the issue automatically goes in the prize-draw to win it, so if you’d like a shot at it send us an email to to reserve your copy!