Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century Chapter II: 1969

I can tell by the half-hearted “I’m preparing myself for disappointment” inquiries that most of you have given up hope of ever seeing the next League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen book. Granted it has taken roughly a century itself for the book to be completed. But you know what? Century Chapter II: 1969 is something that is happening. And it’s happening very soon. Delivery is ridiculously, perilously close. (Perhaps overegging it a bit: I mean "about April". Spring-ish. Fingers crossed.)

Progress was slow to begin with but the word from above is that we’re now just 17 pages short of having all the story art completed – and that’s including the batch Kevin O’Neill is handing over this week. Once we’ve got them scanned they’ll be shot from a cannon pointed at the USA where they’ll be cleaned up nice and shiny, then pinballed over to Japan for colouring before they’re boomeranged right back to the USA to be lettered. That’s how it happens. Top secret comics mechanics.

Before you ask when you can expect the final instalment, allow me to pre-emptively give you the spiel on the deal:

Alan Moore has already completed the script for Century Chapter III: Let It Come Down and O’Neill is eager to get started. Theoretically this means it shouldn’t take as long this time round, but have you ever seen the size of an Alan Moore script?

However big it may be the wait between chapters will be a far shorter one. Longer than a lunchtime but not quite a lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

"Shot from a Canon"
Absolutely BRILLIANT pun or typo?

Gosh! said...


I ain't S-M-R-T enough for puns.