Monday, May 24, 2010

Daniel Clowes & Chris Ware Signing TOMORROW!

Grab your Clowes and Ware collection and leave your ice creams at the door! The biggest signing of the year is happening here tomorrow at 12pm. Come line up with your fellow man and say hello to some big cheese comic creators. It'll be lovely.


Piley said...

Would love to be there... alas I picked up on some earlier publicity for the event that was stating TODAY as the date.

I took a very precious days leave today and spent over twenty quid coming into London especially for the event. I arrived at 11.50 only to find out it's now tomorrow.

Dan is my all time favourite comic book writer, and to say I am disappointed at this moment would be some understatement (i'm still really p**sed off 6 hours on).

I could easily have booked tomorrow of instead of today, but not now. I'm really annoyed to have taken all the time, trouble and expense to attend and still be missing out.

The member of staff behind the counter was perplexed as to how I had picked up on the date, although admitted that others had turned up today too. However I have to tell you that you yourselves were advertising this date (at one point at least). I was told this date by a member of staff on my last visit to the shop, and I even have an e-mail from a member of staff stating the 24th.

I desperately asked the guy behind the counter if it would be possible to get at least get a book signed for me tomorrow but was told no (which under the circumstances would have been a consolation prize, although to be honest I was really keen to meet him).

I rarely get to London these days, but always spend way too much money in Gosh when I do. However I was so gutted today when I was told this that I simply walked out and set off for home - Just five minutes after finishing my 2 hour journey in, I set off on my 2 hour journey home.

I appreciate that this is partly my fault, and I should have re-checked the date beforehand, but you were definitely advertising the 24th originally, and it's been in my diary ever since.

Absolutely gutted.

Gosh! said...

Hi Ian,

I’m really sorry to hear of your wasted journey, wasted day and general disappointment.

When first offered the signing, we were given a Monday slot, this was later changed to the Tuesday to fit around other events the sponsors had planned. They understandably wanted the most of Clowes & Ware’s visit . Although we made a financial contribution to the costs of the visit, we don’t call the shots and had to take what was given to us.

I’m not aware of us publicising the event until the end of March and all the literature I can find relates to the Tuesday date. It sounds like a member of staff told you this prior to the date change and before we publicised the event. Poor show on our part, no one here should have been giving out info prior to me feeling comfortable enough with arrangements to advertise the event.

We’ll contact you directly to make amends.

Again, I’m sorry for your misfortune. Please be assured of our best intentions.

Josh @ Gosh!

Piley said...

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the e-mail earlier today, and I really appreciate you taking the time and trouble to respond (both here and via email), many wouldn't bother... Yet another reason that in my mind you guys are the best comic shop out there.

I was dissapointed when the guy said he couldn't get a copy of Wilson signed for me, and I'm really pleased that you were able to sort that out for me after all. Again, REALLY appreciated.

Obviously I'm still really gutted that I missed out, but I don't think you could have done any more to try and make amends.

Many thanks - will make sure I say hi next time i'm in.