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The Gosh! Authority 17/03/10

I’m sure there’ll be something to tickle your fancy this week. How about the Bronx Kill – the latest in DC’s Vertigo Crime series? It’s written by Peter Milligan (Greet Street, Hellblazer) and illustrated by James Romberger who’s most famous for his New York-themed art so it’s in the right hands. It’s an urban mystery full of family secrets, a missing wife and a murdered grandfather. Pornokitsch reckons it’s the best of the Vertigo Crime lot so far and it’s our pick of the week. Preview!

By the way, Milligan also turns up in the fourth and final issue of Nation X along with Gosh! Favourite and his former X-Statix co-creator Mike Allred, for a brand new Doop tale. Preview of that one here. And while we’re on the subject, X-Factor Forever begins on Thursday. Louise Simonson will tell you all about it. Preview.

While you won’t find me reading any Stephenie Meyer books on the train it’s my job to tell you that the Twilight manga has arrived. It’s hardcover, shiny and full of moontanned teenagers – one of whom looks a lot like old R-Patz. Here’s Entertainment Weekly being excited about it.

Dave Shelton’s Good Dog Bad Dog is a canine cop caper starring two doggy detectives and it looks like a lot of fun. One of ‘em’s a Chandler-esque hardass and his new partner Duncan McBoo likes a dinner or three. The Forbidden Planet International blog has a few preview pages and a nice hefty review. Incidentally, if you like Dave Shelton you should be keeping an eye on his blog. He’s slowly putting up pages from old sketchbooks.

The mysteriously late 22nd volume of Modern Masters is out this Thursday showcasing the art of the very lovely (and obscenely talented) Mark Buckingham. There’s a huge long interview with him about his creative process and an enormous gallery of artwork; some unseen, some commissioned. If you like Sandman and Fables come see what the man’s got to say about ‘em.

Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler’s strange and hilarious Mysterius the Unfathomable (previously mentioned on the Gosh! Blog here) is now collected in trade-paperback. They’re fairly obvious in their mutual love for Douglas Adams so if you’re someone who knows where your towel is you might fancy this series too. Here’s Parker talking about it way back in 2008 before we’d seen any of it.

We’re not sure when or even if Frank Quitely will be turning up again in Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin but some of his previous Dark Knight adventures can be seen in this week’s Batman International TP. It’s a collection of stuff written by Mark Waid and Alan Grant, and illustrated by Diego Olmos, Arthur Ranson and Quitely (of course). It collects Batman: The Scottish Connection and issues #52 - 53 of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. It’s about moidas. International ones.

And finally, because everyone loved Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #1 so much Dynamite have decided that Matt Wagner’s Green Hornet: Year One #1 should be let loose three weeks early. Here’s a preview and here’s what Wagner’s got to say about it.

In a strange and unlikely turn of events I will now plug a geek pub quiz. I would have done it anyway, slow news week or not. Big D’s Nerdgasm Quiz V (The Quizmaster Strikes Back) brings you the best in cult quizmastery on Sunday the 28th of March at 7pm. It’s over at the Pillars of Hercules which isn’t all that far from Gosh! so you can have a wander over there after a nice leisurely Sunday visit. Their Facebook event page is here. I have no idea if that link will work for you but I’m going with it.

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