Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Gosh! Authority 13/01/10

Hello! Despite this morning’s surprise snow you’ll be glad to know that your comics will be waiting for you in their usual places on Thursday. They all arrived on time so there’s no need to worry about anything other than tomorrow’s slippery journey into town. Hooray for everything that isn’t snow.

It’s a tiny one this week so I won’t keep you long. Stuff to look out for includes the first volume of Sanchez Abuli and Jordi Bernet’s masterpiece Torpedo, the very stylish hardboiled crime comic about the underbelly of Noo Yok City in the ‘30s. Bernet’s art is cracking (as is Alex Toth’s who illustrated the first two Torpedo stories) and full of squinty-eyed gangsters, good hats and the occasional boob or two. Jimmy Palmiotti provides the new translation and if you’re wondering why it’s such a lovely looking book (see the end papers) it’s because it’s designed by that old Gosh! favourite of ours, Mr Darwyn Cooke. How d’ya like them credits.

Peter Milligan’s (Greek Street) Human Target: Chance Meetings is released in trade-paperback this week – just in time for the (American) premiere of the TV show. This trade collects for original four-issue Vertigo series from 1999 along with the standalone 96-page graphic novel that followed it. If you’re wondering what the TV show’s going to be like you can head thataway for a trailer.

Alan Moore’s Neonomicon Hornbook is bound to confuse people (read: it confused us) so here’s what it is: it’s the preview book of a sequel series to The Courtyard featuring some completed pages from the first issue, bits of Moore’s original script, design sketches and an interview with the artist Jacen Burrows. The series (in which Moore continues his reinvention of the Lovecraft mythos) was supposed to have launched in the Autumn just gone so I’m guessing we’ll see it pretty soon.

Aliens Vs Predator: Three World War is a new six-parter by John Arcudi with lots of aliens, lots of predators and probably lots of killings too. #1 is out this week and editor Chris Warner tells you all about it here. It’s worth pointing out because Rick Leonardi of the recent Vigilante is doing the art. Have a preview.

And finally (I told you it was a wee’un), there was a minor misprint in last week’s Siege #1. It’s somewhere in the Ares War Plan transcript but don’t ask me exactly where it lurks. If it bothers you, Marvel have put up an online cock-up free version for you.

That’s it! See you Thursday.

-- Hayley