Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Footnotes in Gaza HC Bookplate Edition - Exclusive to Gosh!

Fresh off the truck this morning is the highly anticipated new book from cartoonist-reporter and all-round Gosh! Favourite Joe Sacco! You can consider it a sequel of sorts to the much-lauded Palestine and from what we’ve heard it sounds like his most ambitious work to date.

Sacco makes a forgotten and bloody crime in a refugee camp from 1956 that left 111 Palestinians dead the basis for Footnotes in Gaza – a 400-page behemoth telling the history of Gaza from that moment to the present day. He immersed himself in the daily life of squalid Rafah, scene of the massacre and notorious place for bitter conflict, and tells the story through everyday Palestinians; fugitives, schoolchildren, widows and sheikhs.

'I heard torture stories that were unusually harsh, but I decided not to use those kinds of stories, and instead something less shocking, something more of an "everyman" experience. I think it's the "everyman experience" that people can relate to. It's harder to imagine; harder to put yourself in the picture of someone who is being humiliated.

It’s an original investigation of things forgotten and unimaginable and it needs to be read. We have 200 copies of a Limited Gosh! Bookplate Edition featuring artwork by Sacco created solely for this purpose signed and numbered by the man himself. I can’t see them hanging around for long so you’d better grab one while you can! If you’ve already put your name down for a reserved copy you’ll be hearing from us shortly.