Thursday, July 2, 2009

'Asterios Polyp' Bookplate Edition - Exclusive to Gosh!

We haven’t seen anything from him in about fifteen years but this week marks the long-awaited return of the incredible David Mazzucchelli!

If you’ve read anything about his brilliantly titled Asterios Polyp you’ll be shivering in sweaty-palmed anticipation. Just have a look at these pages I’ve pinched from the Man at the Crossroads, Mr Paul Gravett:

“Weighing in at a wopping 344 pages, this is his big, bold statement, his first true one-man magnum opus, in which he has challenged himself and now challenges his peers.”

And from his modest bookflap biography:
"David Mazzucchelli has been making comics his whole life. This is his first graphic novel."

Like our previous sell-out exclusives, Mazzucchelli has designed, signed and numbered a very limited 200 bookplates. We’ve started a reserve list and it’s filling up quick. Are you on it?

344 pages, £21.99, Asterios Polyp is due for release this week.



andre said...

Rather unique storytelling novel and beautiful hardcover edition. I highly recommend it.