Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Upcoming Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill Signing

We'll be hosting a signing with Moore and O'Neill as soon as the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book Century: 1910 arrives. Problem is, we're not sure exactly when that will be so we can't settle on a date for the signing just yet. It will be late April/early May. Ish.

If you'd like you be kept up to date by email let us know at, or make friends on Facebook.

(Photo by Joel Meadows, tea and biscuits by Nat)


lauramardon said...

This will be the highlight of my April/May!

Ernesto Priego said...

When is this exactly then?

Tom Crowley said...

Hey. Hey.

I made that tea.

Gosh! said...

Still not sure at this point, I'm afraid, as we're waiting on a firm release date for the book. Expect an announcement very soon!