Monday, December 15, 2008

Gosh Recommends... Dan McDaid

We here at Gosh Towers are big fans of the British cartoonist Dan McDaid. We first spotted Dan writing and drawing the comic strip for an issue of Doctor Who Magazine a few months ago. His art seemed very fully formed and really stood out from the regular artists. His style was somewhere between Jack Kirby, Darwyn Cooke and early José Ladrönn, whereas his writing was quintessentially British, giving the whole thing a strangely Anglo-American feel. British Sci-Fi meets 60s Marvel Comics, two of my favourite things.

Dan is currently writing the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, as well as providing the artwork for an exciting looking new Image superhero series called Jersey Gods. Jersey Gods is written by Killing Girl and The Gray Area’s Glen Brunswick and features covers by Darwyn Cooke (that man again), Mike Allred and Paul Pope.

Dan was good enough to draw us this lovely Thor sketch so we thought we’d like to share it with you good people. Be sure to check out Dan’s Blog where amongst lots of lovely sketches you can find previews of all his upcoming projects. Best of all it will also give you the opportunity to smugly claim that you liked him before his was big.


Tom Crowley said...

I remember the week we first discovered Dan's work in the back of Doctor Who Magazine. A very tall friendly man came to the counter with a copy and Andrew pointed out the 'really surprisingly cool comic art' in the back.

'Oh, thanks,' said the customer, 'I did that.' Excellent times.

Dan McDaid said...

Aw, thanks fellas. I desperately miss Gosh Comics - there's nothing in Scotland to compare, really. Do you chaps have a mail order system on the go?

Beezer B said...

"it will also give you the opportunity to smugly claim that you liked him before his was big."

before his was big...


No but seriously, this dude is great. Swell colours too.