Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Store 26/09/08 - 02/10/08

Click the full post link below for a list of items in store this week.

Archie Double Digest #192
2000 AD #1606
Complete Ace Trucking TP Vol 1
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files TP Vol 11
Strontium Dog Kreeler Conspiracy TP
ABC Warriors Third Element Robot War TP
Against Pain HC
Alcoholic HC (Haspiel)
Alter Ego #81
Anita Blake Vampire Hunter: Laughing Corpse #1 (Of 5)
Army @ Love The Art Of War #3 (Of 6)
Army Of Darkness #13
Authority #3
Aya Of Yop City HC
Batman #680 RIP (G. Morrison)
Batman Strikes #50
Battle Picture Library Let ‘Em Have It
Battlestar Galactica Origins #10
Best American Comics HC 2008
Black Heart Billy Colour Edition TP
Blood Bowl #4 (Of 5) Killer Contract
Blue Beetle TP Vol 4 Endgame
Boys #23 (Garth Ennis)
Boys TP Vol 3 (Garth Ennis)
Boys Club #1
Cairo SC
Civil War House Of M #2 (Of 5)
Collected Jack Kirby TP Vol 6
Complete Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy Vol 5 HC
Savage Sword Of Conan TP Vol 4
Countdown To Final Crisis TP Vol 3
Cream Of Tank Girl HC (J Hewlett)
Dark Tower Long Road Home HC
DC Universe Decisions #2 (Of 4)
Doktor Sleepless #9 (Warren Ellis)
El Diablo #2 (Of 6)
Essex County TP Vol 3 Country Nurse
Eternals #5
Filler GN
Forgotten Realms TP Dark Elf Trilogy
Four Eyes #1 (Joe Kelly)
Futurama Comics #39
Ghost World Special Edition HC
Green Lantern Revenge Of The Green Lanterns TP
Harvey Comics Classics TP Vol 4 Baby Huey
Hellblazer Presents Chas The Knowledge #4
House Of Mystery #6
Invincible #53
Jonah Hex #36
Justice League Of America #25
Justice TP Vol 2 (Alex Ross)
Leather Nun And Other Incredibly Strange Comics HC
Man With No Name #4
Manhunter #35
Marvel Apes #3 (Of 4)
Marvel Zombies TP (S. Phillips)
Meat Cake #17
Minder (Janet Roque/Hurk)
Moomin Complete Comic Strips Vol 3
My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down HC
Nemi HC Vol 2
Nightwing #149 RIP
No Hero #1 (Of 7) (Warren Ellis)
Number Of The Beast TP
Punisher Max TP From First To Last (G Ennis)
Punisher War Journal #24 SI
PVP #40
Roy of the Rovers: The Unauthorised Biography
Rose SC (Jeff Smith/C. Vess)
Savage Dragon #138
SFX #175
Silent Hill Omnibus TP
Souvlaki Circus HC
Space Doubles Collection TP Vol 1
Star Wars Dark Times TP Vol 2
Sublife GN
Sub-Mariner Depths #2 (Of 5)
Supergirl #34
Superman The Third Kryptonian TP
Terror Titans #1 (Of 6)
Top Ten Season Two #1 (Of 4) (Ha)
Tor #6 (Of 6)
Transformers Best Of The UK Time Wars #3
Transformers Movie Prequel Saga Of The All Spark #4
Trinity #18
Ultimate Iron Man II Premiere HC
Vampirella Crimson Chronicles Maximum
Venom Dark Origin #3 (Of 5)
Vixen Return Of The Lion #1 (Of 5)
Wasteland #20
Wild West Picture Library High Noon
Will Eisner’s Spirit Archives HC Vol 25
Witchblade #121
Witchblade Devi #1
Worlds Of Dungeons & Dragons #4
Cable #7
New Exiles #12
Zero G #1 (Of 4)


Anima Vol 9
Bastard TP Vol 17
Broken Girls GN Vol 1
Gacha Gacha Next Revolution GN Vol 8
Gantz TP Vol 2
Howl’s Moving Castle Vol 4
Howl’s Moving Castle Picture Book HC
Shonen Jump Nov 08
Speed Grapher Vol 1
Tezuka’s Black Jack HC Vol 1
Wallflower GN Vol 17