Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Gosh! Authority 14/08/08

Skrull Matt is back! Our invasion is in full effect in the Marvel Universe this week, with six separate Secret Invasion books arriving! But before I reveal the latest details of our attack upon your race I must remind you of the Gosh Stickleback signing this Saturday. To celebrate the release of their new steampunk masterpiece, Ian Edginton and Matt Brooker (aka D’Israeli) will be signing and chatting in the Gosh basement on Saturday 16th August from 4pm to 6pm. If you’ve not yet picked up this fantastic book, you’re missing out. Stickleback is not only masterfully written by Edginton, but D’Isaeli turns in some of the most gorgeous artwork of his career. If you’re a fan of their other collaborations (The Scarlet Traces Trilogy, Leviathan and Kingdom of the Wicked) then this book is a must. Head here for more info.

First off we have the big push in Secret Invasion #5. The Skrull empire claims Earth as its own and lays down the law with two words: embrace change. Hopefully your heroes will see sense and serve our rule, though I highly doubt it. Meanwhile the aptly named Inhumans go in search of their missing king Black Bolt in Secret Invasion: Inhumans. A word to the wise: this series will play into next year’s Marvel space event War of the Kings, so don’t miss out. Over in San Francisco, the mutants come up against the empire this week in Secret Invasion: X-Men. Mike Carey and Card Nord weave a tale which will have X-fans talking for years to come! The book supposedly features every X-man, so expect 6 million panels.

The shiny new mid-western Asgard comes under attack over in Secret Invasion: Thor this week, when the mighty Skrull Empire shows the Thunder God and his pantheon the folly of having Asgard so close to a human settlement. Even the return of his old friend Beta Ray Bill won’t protect blondie locks from our wrath. This should be a truly epic story from one of Marvel’s hottest writers, Matt Fraction, and art from newly exclusive Doug Braithwaite. Our campaign also continues this week in the pages of Secret Invasion: Runaways Young Avengers #2 and Captain Britain and MI:13 #4, which sees the end of the first arc of that title. To keep up to date on our conquest of Earth read the checklist here.

Punisher fans have both reasons to be happy and sad this week. First up, Garth Ennis’ epic run on Punisher Max comes to its explosive climax. The current storyline, Valley Forge, Valley Forge, has tied off all the loose ends of Ennis’ run and fans can expect a stylish and well executed (with emphasis on the executed) ending. This issue also features an 8-page preview of the next run on the book. Kicking off what is intended to be a series of arcs by revolving creative teams, #61is written by best-selling crime novelist Gregg Hurwitz (The Crime Writer) and illustrated by Gosh favourite Laurence Campbell (Punisher Annual: The Hunted). While drying your tears at the loss of Ennis, you can pick up the reprint of his 1995 book Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe. This What If style story follows Frank Castle as he murders every hero and villain in the MU after his family is killed in an X-Battle in Central Park. If you’re never read this it’s well worth a look, if only for how he deals with Wolverine.

Talking of the hairy Canadian, this week Marvel collect Jason Aaron and Ron Garney’s run on Wolverine in Get Mystique. This incredibly reasonably priced book (£7.50) is a bloody chase story as Wolvie pursues the shapeshifter after her betrayal of the team during Messiah Complex. It also reveals an involved history between the pair during the 1920s. Aaron hasn’t put a foot wrong yet, so you’d be remiss to overlook this collection.

Over at DC, the big guns both make an appearance this week. Superman finally comes face to face with the real Brainiac in Action Comics. In case you’ve been missing it, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank have made their Action Comics run among best that’s ever been, with truly intricate portraits of the Man of Steel and his villains. Just when you think it couldn’t get better, each issue they throw you a hum dinger of a curve ball. Newsarama have been kind enough to provide a 5 page preview of the book.

The Dark Knight continues his drug addled fight against crime over in Batman with Part 4 of Batman RIP. Grant Morrision and Tony Daniel bring us the team up we never expected with Robin and Damian looking for their missing mentor. This issue also features the welcome return of Bat-Mite (even if he is a narcotic induced hallucination.) Preview here.

Small week? No problem, as any Walking Dead week is a good week, and sure enough here comes #51 staggering onto the scene! The zombies haven’t eaten everyone we know as yet and a number of new cast members are slated to make an appearance this issue. Blood, gore and copious swearing are sure to ensue.

The latest big screen adventure of Hellboy is out next week (August 20th), and to get you in the mood Dark Horse have delivered the second issue of the Crooked Man. With art by Richard Corben, you really should pick up this wonderful yarn as Hellboy battles for Tom’s lost soul. That’s Tom in the story, not Gosh Tom.

The Year of the Goon continues on Thursday and I couldn’t be more excited! Issue 28 is a special issue as it features a trio of stories by different artists. As well as creator Eric Powell, Kyle Hotz (The Incredible Hulk, Criminal Macabre) draws a tale of Goon and Frankie’s hunt for the elusive Skunk Ape. The third tale features the art of Rebecca Sugar, a new discovery for Dark Horse, and features the return of Dr. Alloy.

In the news, Dark Horse Comics have announced a Nov. 26 launch for The Umbrella Academy: Dallas, a six-issue mini-series by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. The series picks up right after the Apocalypse Suite, as the team licks their wounds in the ruins of their former home. This is a must for those of you who enjoyed the first sold out mini. If you missed it, be sure to pick up the trade!

One universe Skrulls won’t be invading is the Marvel Apes U. Idiotic villain the Gibbon features in the four part miniseries from Marvel. Karl Kesel talks on his new series, with preview art, over at CBR.

Yours in conquest,
Skrull Matt.