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The Gosh! Authority 07/08/08

Hello Goshers,

Welcome to the first Tom-Free blog, you’ll have to make do with me again, while our fresh faced thesp tours Butlins across the UK. But fear not, I’ll be gentle.

This week brings an eclectic mix of comics delight to the Gosh shores. We’ve got something for everyone as all the big, and some of the smaller, companies treat us with their wares.

Garth Ennis fans will jump for joy as we have two very different books appearing on Thursday. First up The Boys continues the explanation of Voight-America’s rise to power, and the secret history of The Seven. The series has really hit it’s stride of late, and the books are worth a peek if you’re not yet hooked. Expect lots of blood, guts, and poo jokes. On the other end of the Ennis spectrum is his latest series from Avatar. Crossed begins this week with a 75p #0. It’s touted as being the most twisted book of the writers career. The ten issue series follows a world where society has crumbled and all that remains is the purest, most gruesome evil humanity can create. There is no help. There is no hope. There is no escape. There are only the Crossed. Not one for kids, grandparent or reading with the light off.

Gosh fave Criminal starts a new story arc this week, with “Bad Night” the first in a four part run. The story follow Jake, a retired criminal who’s life is torn asunder when he’s accused of a grisly crime. Five years later and he’s become a shadow of his former self, and after walking into the wrong place at the wrong time; his whole life changes again. The masters of noir, Brubaker and Phillips, are sure to delight. Best of all the third trade paperback has recently caught the story up, and along with our signed copies of the first two volumes, you really have no excuse not to pick up this incredible series.

If you’re a fan of Sean’s beautiful artwork (like me) be sure to head over to his blog: He also has a collection of his painting and sketches called Blow Up available exclusively from Lulu. It’s available in both Hardcover ( and Softcover (, at 400 pages it’s a bargain at either price.

A duo of horrific delight ships this week. First up
DC Showcase finally gets to the original House of Secrets, with 500 pages of tales from the original masters of horror. This volume also reprints the first appearance of everyone’s second favourite moss-covered hero Swamp Thing. At only £10.99 it’s a bargain of horrific proportions. And if that wasn't enough for horror fans, Dark Horse kick off their archival collection of the original Creepy magazine. This hardcover collects the first five issues, and features the art of such greats as Joe Orlando, Al Williamson, Alex Toth, and Frank Frazetta. If you’re like me, this is the Archives you’ve been waiting for, and best of all they’re printed in the original magazine size!

If horror and crime aren’t your bag, then the superheroes are represented in abundance this week.

DC’s summer event Final Crisis continues to build up steam. With the male heavy hitters of the Justice League out of commission, only Wonder Woman stands to face the Evil Gods. After last issue’s surprise return, can the heroes stop the rise of evil across the DCU? This series may have had a slow start, but I think as it moves forward Grant Morrison will prove he’s got what it takes to steer a company wide event.

Talking of Morrison, Batman RIP spills over into the other Bat titles this week, hitting Robin, Nightwing and Detective. The latter features new fave Bat villain Hush, who’s touted as being a major player in the post RIP Bat-World. DC have provide fans with a checklist of all the titles in the crossover here. so be sure to print it up and stick above your mantelpiece. For those of you just following the regular Bat series, the next part hits our shores next Thursday.

Though Marvel’s Secret Invasion is kept just to Front Line this week, you’d be remiss to ignore this series. The best of the Front Lines so far, this series focuses on different regular people around war torn New York. Regular Secret Invasion hits shelves next week as well!

Two of Marvel’s big guns go head to head as Thor makes a guest appearance in Hulk. Expect thunder, lightening, shouting (and large thighs) as Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness rocket towards the conclusion of this first story arc (which ends with #6.) As much as I’m enjoying it, I’m giddy like a schoolgirl for the next run, where superstar artists Arthur Adams and Frank Cho share art duties. This all starts with with #7.

Much like the Dark Knight, Spider-Man’s main title takes a break this week; but that doesn’t mean Spider-fans miss out. We have not one but two new Spidey series this week. First up Marvel’s best writer (in my honest and humble opinion) Zeb Wells teams up with Angel Medina to bring us the early days of Eddie Brock in Venom Dark Origin. Wells’ talent for chracter work shines through in this examination of a disturbed man, desperate to please his father. Rumour is Brock’s coming back to the regular Marvel Universe soon, so it might be time for a refresher on the chracter.

We’ve also got the first issue of Terry Moore’s run on Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane. If you’re a fan of Mr. Moore’s Strangers in Paradise, it’d probably be a safe bet to grab this series. And with art by Perhapanuts’ Craig Rousseau , it’s sure to be pretty to look at. Terry Moore’s other Marvel book, Runaways is due to ship at the end of the month.

In Image’s corner is the second collection of Robert Kirkman’s Brit. This book collects the first five issues of the current ongoing (written by Bruce Brown, edited by Kirman), about an aged indestructible man. The Kirkmanverse is only going to grow now the creator’s a partner at Image, so it’s well worth peeking an eye at this book. Expect high octane sci-fi fun.

Last and by no means least Tripwire’s 2008 Annual has arrived! The boys have pulled out all the stops for this issue, with interviews with Futurama creators Matt Groening and David X Cohen, and Heroes’ Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb. The mag also has a feature on the new wave of British genre TV, focusing on Ashes to Ashes, Life on Mars, Primeval and that one about the old guy who flys about in a phonebox. And best of all it’s wrapped in a gorgeous Tommy Lee Edwards Doctor Who cover. If only my Beano annual was this good.

News this week is pretty light on the ground after San Deigo. The biggest news is that our esteemed manager and friend Andrew Salmond tied the knot with his fiancée Alex. A joyous (and sunny) day was had by all. We at Gosh wish Alex and Andy all the best, and remind Andy that his work is piling up for him. .

It’s one week and counting to our Stickleback signing. Ian Edginton and D'Israeli will be instore on 16th August, and will sign for2 hours from 4pm til 6pm. Full details here. If you can’t make it, let us know and we’ll reserve you a signed copy of the book. And remember to let us know if you want it personalised or not. The books are now instore, if you want to have a gander at their loveliness.

Those of you waiting for the League of Extraordinary Gentleman Black Dossier Absolute and Softcover will be happy to hear we are accepting reservations on them both. The softcover is out in October, and we should be receiving the Absolute in mid to late November. If you’re interesting in the Absolute, I’d get your name in soon, as the run on this book may not be that large. Take it from someone who missed out on the original Absolutes!

Until next week, stay frosty.



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