Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gosh! Recommends... The Perry Bible Fellowship: The Trial of Colonel Sweeto and Other Stories HC

Story and Art: Nicholas Gurewitch
Dark Horse Comics

Welcome to the world of the Perry Bible Fellowship, a Pandora’s box of belly laughs wrapped in a colourful hardback shell. Written and drawn by comic genius Nicholas Gurewitch it graces the pages of papers world-wide (you may know it from the Guardian).

PBF is this decade’s Far Side, with whimsical strips that more often then not have you choking with laughter while dealing with a faint sense of guilty unease. Black comedy at its finest.

Gurewitch’s handling of the strip form is a true evolution of the genre. Though the Pilsbury Doughboy-styled characters make frequent appearances, what makes this collection different is the varied styles he works in. From Quentin Blake style watercolours through Edward Gorey-esque pen and ink, Gurewitch shows a versatility of style that you wouldn’t necessarily expect in a newspaper strip.

The Trial of Colonel Sweeto is smart, hilarious and gorgeous; a perfect birthday gift for anyone from their teens and up. It’s a book you’re bound to revisit constantly, still finding fresh laughs in comics you’ve read hundreds of times before. Reasonably priced, the collection features never before published strips. Be warned though: if you buy this as a gift, you may have to go back and get a copy for yourself.

Take a look at Gurewitch's latest offerings at The PBF's official website.

Recommended by Matt